Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We've had our leaf and acorn-shaped pancakes, with lots of syrup and some bacon to round out the meal. Now we're waiting for the Macy's parade to come on, so we'll watch that until we get tired of Broadway showtunes and SUPERSTARS touting their up-and-coming new shows or movies. (That should take all of 15 minutes, if Troy has anything to do with it!)

Later, we'll go to a friend's house for turkey and trimmings. I'm in charge of mashed potatoes, which I think I'll handle beautifully. I also made a sweet potato casserole yesterday, just because it sounded good. And then, this evening, we'll go down to Utica Square for the tree(s) lighting and arrival of Santa. After that, we always come home and have corn soup and breadsticks. This year, since we don't have anyone who could come over like we've had in past years, we're going to watch "A Christmas Story" while we eat, so The Kids are looking forward to that.

I hope all 3.5 of you who read this blog have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Flea said...

Oh, that sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Did your mom spend it with you, too? I hope the kids enjoyed Christmas Story!

Caleb and Becca's Ethiopia Adoption said...

We love the Macy's parade and watch it every year as we prepare the Thanksgiving meal! Nice play by play on the turkey sandwich...I'm not a huge fan of the leftover turkey sandwiches...but maybe cuz I've been making them wrong all this time!!! Oh...and thanks for the Mexican cop comment, believe me...before he let me go, I tried the bribing too - heehee!

Sherri said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds so fun...I just love traditions!!!