Friday, November 30, 2007

ADD run rampant! (And I'm not even ADD...oh, look! Butterflies!)

Well, I figured that it was time for another post because I need to give My Friend Flea (kind of like, My Friend Flika, huh?) something to read other than Mir. (Yeah, when I went over to WouldaCouldaShoulda to get that link, I totally read her latest post. Told you my Imaginary ADD was running rampant!)
We decorated our house for Christmas yesterday, which was a lot of fun. I realized, however, that I have a little bit of obsession with how the ornaments are placed on the tree. The Kids love to help with the tree decorating, and I understand that they can only reach up so high, but they tend to stand within the same two foot span on the carpet and hang the ornaments right at arms height. So we end up with a section of the tree that is full of ornaments, while the rest of the tree is fairly naked. I also end up spending a lot of time saying, "Here, honey, let me put that one up here! "
It's something I'm working on, because the point of decorating the tree is to have fun family time together while preparing the house for the celebration of the holidays and that is lessened a bit when I keep nagging!


Flea said...

Well thanks for writing for me! :)

We don't have a tree yet (the tree was yet ANOTHER thing we had to leave in Florida, due to space constraints!), but Mae got out my two little Christmas buckets and decorated the house. It took about 10 minutes. How sad.

I get the tree thing. I used to do that with the kids. Now I just let them decorate the entire thing. Especially since Oliver is now 5'10".

Flea said...

Lisa, I don't know if you've been to this blog yet, but Mir linked to it on her workitmom blog.

It's hilarious! The woman homeschools her three boys, and this post is too funny.