Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Poor, sick little Kiddos!

They have countless numbers of dress up clothes to wear, but they decided that they wanted to go to the Fall Carnival at church as Sick Kids! At first I was just going to muss their hair and stuff their pockets with Kleenex, but then I decided that they needed some spots and some dark circles under their eyes.
Looks like they're on death's door, huh?


Alison said...

LOL...too funny!

Flea said...

Your poor kids! You did a masterful job with the dark circles. Well done.

Sherri said... in the world did you make the dark looks so real!!!!

Lisa said...

HAHA! I have a dark, purpley-brown eyeshadow that I smeared around their eyes to make the circles. Took about 10 seconds!
The funny thing is it makes me re-think actually wearing that eyeshadow again. I mean, what if MY eyes look like that when I wear it? HA!