Thursday, October 11, 2007

Budding Faith

We pray a lot in our house. Before meals, before we start school, at bedtime. And that doesn't really count all the times I pray in between.
"Dear God, please help me keep from putting my kids up on Craigslist. Thank you. Amen." (Just kidding. I'm sure I could get a better price on eBay.)
I love hearing The Kids pray. They kind of go through phases where they say the same prayer each time they pray and then they'll switch it up and pray another way. The most recent edition has been to add some praise in there, which I just think is great. And I have to smile inside when I hear this:

Reilly: "Dear God, You are Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Without you we would just fall to the ground in sin..."

Then it's Declan's turn to pray. And, for those who haven't hear him talk in person, he still says the r-sound a little bit like Elmer Fudd, so it sounds like this: "Deaw God, you aw King of Kings and Laud of Lauds. Without you, we would just be dwippin' sin. And all black with sin.But we're not..."

And then they go on to thank God for their family and friends and the pets and the food and things like that. It's so dear and I just love watching their faith grow!

Note: It's really hard to write like Elmer Fudd talks! Plus, as I read over it, it really looks like he has some kind of huge speech impediment, but it's fairly mild...lest you think I should be calling a speech therapist!)

On a side note, I'm in absolute HEAVEN because we're really experiencing some Fall weather here! Cool mornings, beautiful afternoons, low humidity, you don't feel like you're going to melt into a sweat ball the second you step out the front door. I had the attic fan on all day yesterday. Dreamy! I love Fall because I'm a cool weather gal. I figure, if I'm cold, I can always layer on more clothes. In the summer, if I'm hot, there are only so many laayers I can take off before the public would want to poke their eyes out with sharp sticks!

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Mrs. Guthrie said...

Watching the kids grow and their faith mature is awesome... and the reminder scares me sometimes.... As parents we're responsible for their spiritual well being right now and there are days that feels so HUGE. Your kids prayers sound so sweet. :)