Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It's the "Where were you when you heard JFK had been shot?" question of my generation. And as this day comes to an end, I remember...

Sitting on my livingroom floor, putting on my tennis shoes. Getting ready to take my then 15-month-old daughter on a walk.
Watching the Today Show.
Wondering what in the world has just happened. How does a pilot accidently run a plane into a really, really tall building? I mean, at the very least, he has a window on the front of the plane. How does someone just...hit a building?

I called Troy. "You'll never believe what happened!"
And then, "Oh my goodness! Something just blew up!" The second plane had hit while I was on the phone with him.

The chaos, the confusion. Then, the horrible realization that this was no accident.
Sitting for hours in front of the television, watching things continue to unfold.

I think it's important to move on, to take bad things that happen and use them as concrete to make us stronger. But I think it's also important to remember.

Remember the people who died.
Remember the families who have had to rebuild.
Remember who did this to our country.

And use these memories like concrete to make us stronger.


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Flea said...

Mae was eight and in the middle of one of her first piano lessons - he came to our house. My mother-in-law called. I also watched the second plane hit. I remember crying all day while watching the coverage. And Mae has been remembering this week. You're right; it's important to remember.