Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Random Randomness

I have not been having a good day.

OK, well, I am right NOW, but I think that's because The Kids are across the street playing at the neighbors house. I'm fairly sure that God prompted Alison to invite them over because he knew that my sanity was about to break.

How is it that I can love my kids so much while they can drive me so completely bonkers? And, here's another thing...why can't someone write a real parenting book, one that tells parents what it's really, really like to have kids? Not that it would have changed our kid-having decisions in the slightest, but it would have been nice for some book that I read oh-so-many years ago, when I was preggo and preparing myself to become The Perfect Parent, to tell me that there are going to be some days when I will struggle between wanting to sell The Kids to the gypsies and never wanting them to leave my side because I don't want to miss a minute of their growing up. What book out there tells an up-and-coming Mom that she needs to go ahead and buy a black and white striped shirt and a whistle, because she's going to referee so many fights? Some days I wonder when my parenting license is going to be revoked!

On another and completely unrelated note, we're getting a new front door tomorrow. (My birthday gift from my father in law and his wife!) We were supposed to get it on Monday but the installer from Lowe's wasn't prepared for the enormity of the job - he needed trim to go around the outside of the door. And he couldn't go and get it because that would have thrown off his WHOLE schedule for the day, NOR would he allow ME to go up and get the trim. Apparently walking into Lowe's and saying "I need x amount of 1 by trim" is something that can only be uttered by a real installer! This is an ongoing theme with contractors who come to our house because, apparently, we live in The House that Dr. Seuss built and nothing is standard nor easy, even when it appears that it will be. But we get it done tomorrow, so I'm excited.
Oh, one thing that kind of cracked me up after he left was that he looked at the current door and started going on and on about how he wasn't sure he'd even be able to DO the job because there "is so much weight up here" (said as he's pushing up on the top frame of the door)
Ummmm, yeah, I would assume that there's at least some weight up there. It is, in fact, a door that is imbedded in the front wall of a house. Because it's the front door. Duh.


Flea said...

Happy Birthday! You're what, 25 now? :) And I have just the book for you. It's called The Mother's Almanac and it's informative and hilarious. You'd love it. She tells the classic story of a 5 year old asking the aged aunt, "Auntie, what's sex?" The aunt explains, rather delicately, about the birds and the bees. The child then asks, "But which box do I mark? M or F?"qdbgq

Lisa said...

Yes...totally 25! Absolutely!

Shari said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope tomorrow goes more smoothly for you.