Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Exciting Sunday...(Don't read if you're squeamish)



Trip to the emergency room...

I mean, what quiet family Sunday wouldn't be complete with a trip to the E.R.?

I was out scraping the screen door so that we could repaint it and Reilly was messing with a brick that was sitting on the edge of the porch. I had just said, "I wouldn't play with that if I were you...if it lands on your toe, it's gonna hurt."

A few minutes later...thunk. Right on the big toe of her left foot.

I grabbed her and ran inside, shrieking for Troy. We got her into the bathroom and took one look over the sink and I knew we were headed for the emergency room. Poor Declan was really freaked out, but he agreed to go over to the neighbor's house to play with their kids while we were gone.

After waiting at the ER for what seemed like 5 million years, we finally got in. They x-rayed her foot and found that the tip bone in her toe was cracked and then the doctor came in and pretty much had to stitch the meaty tip of her toe back on, as well stitch the toenail back on. I think though that the worst part was the shots that she had to get to numb her breaks my heart just thinking about it.

But she's doing OK today! We've got her propped up on the sofa with movies on. So far we've been through Barbie Swan Lake, Bridge to Terabithia, Molly: An American Girl, a movie from the library about apples, and now she's watching Barbie as Rapunzel. (I'm sure her eyes are going to go square any second here!)

While in the E.R., the nurse gave her a little stuffed dog which she named Champion E.R. Spitowzer. Here is a picture of the two of them, relaxing on the sofa:


Flea said...

Oh your poor baby! Too bad we can't just buy new toes. Tell Reilly that next time (there'll be a next time, right?), I'll bring over a new toe - we'll unscrew the broken one and screw on a new one.

Alison said...

Oh man.. Poor kiddo and mommy!!