Friday, September 07, 2007

How does he not just explode from cuteness?

Every morning, I get up before The Kids so that I can read my Bible and pray...and drink coffee and wake up a little before the Demands of Momness call...and one of the sweetest things about doing this is that when The Kids get up, they come back on my bed and we hug a little and talk a little before we start the day.

This morning, Deco comes in and crawls up on the bed (Reilly is still asleep after a late night at karate) and asks me, "Is today the day we're going to Branson?"
"Yes," I answer, looking down into his huge brown eyes. "Hey, did you know you're just the cutest thing ever?"
"Yeah," he relplies. "Now...." and goes on to ask some more questions about Branson.

I'm glad he's secure in his Cuteness Status.

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