Monday, September 10, 2007

Deep and Meaningful Me

For my birthday back in August, Troy got me an 8 GB mP3 player. With 8 gigs of memory, I can literally download every single song from every single CD that we own...even the ones that we don't like.
I really, really love having this little doo-dad! I can plug it into a little port in The Pepper (my car, for those not "in the know"...yes, my car has a name!) or I can carry it around in my pocket and listen while I'm doing dishes and mom-stuff like that. I've put lots of music on it as well as many, many podcasts from iTunes. I've got kid's music, Christian music, soul (gotta LOVE "The Commitments"!), some Scissor Sisters, some oldies. There are quite a few podcasts - Bible teaching, family teaching, Dave Ramsey's financial teaching.

And with all the deep and meaningful things that I can and do listen to, sometimes it's great to just turn it on, turn it up and listen to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" at top volume until my eardrums are about to pop!

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