Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sweet Times and Silly Bedtime Rituals

At-Home Mom's spend a lot of time with their kids. Add into that our adventures in homeschooling and the fact that they don't go away for 6 hours a day during the week, and I think it's safe to say that I spend more time with my kids than the average mom. And while there are some days that by then end of the day I'd give my eyeteeth for just ten minutes of pure, uninterrupted silence, I truly enjoy my life and the amount of time I have with The Kids.(Side note: Troy just walked in and said of Reilly, "That girl constantly has to have noise coming out of her mouth!")
Last night, when I was putting Reilly to bed, I talked her into scratching my back. (I would practically sell a kidney for a good back scratch and she is SO GOOD at giving them. I've trained her well!) When she was done, I scratched her back. Then I played with her hair a bit, and then she asked if she could get a brush and play with my hair. Then I sat for awhile and brushed her hair. As I sat there, I told myself to hang on to this sweet memory because I'm realizing, as The Kids grow, that childhood is so fleeting and as corny and cliche' as it sounds, I need to cherish these moments.

Tonight was my night to do Declan's bedtime routine with him. We read a book, then a devotional, and then I asked him what songs he wanted me to sing. He asked for me to "sing something that you do in singing time (read: worship) at church" so I sang "All in All" and then launched into my version of "My Girl" which I've modified into "My Guy"..."talkin' bout myyyyy guuuyyy...Declan!" He always sings along with me, but he sings "talkin' bout myyyy moooommmm....Lisa!" Then he requested "Bushel & A Peck" (I'm nothing if not a regular jukebox of bedtime songs!) which requires actual hugs "around the neck" and pretending to snore as I'm "talking' in my sleep about YOU!" At this point, we get into a mock argument - "No, no, nononono, I'm talking about you !" which goes on for a little bit until, finally when I say it's time for a real hug and kiss, he says, "We're both talkin' about each other!"
It's a silly, funny time and I know there's going to be a day when he will outgrow it. Until then, I'll sing it over and over and be as silly as I can to see his sweet smile. And who knows? Maybe at his wedding we'll do the Mother/Son dance to "Bushel & A Peck"!

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