Friday, August 31, 2007


You haven't lived until you've been punched in the eye by your church's youth pastor!

Last night at karate we were line sparring (not to be confused with line dancing...although wouldn't that be a sight?) where we each choose a partner, line up in two facing lines, spar for about two years (or so it seems...I think it's actually in the realm of 3 or 4 minutes) and then one line shifts down so you have a new partner. At one point I was sparring Mr. H., our high school youth pastor, and he accidentally socked my in the eye. OUCH! Unfortunately I don't even have a black eye so that I look tough or anything.

One of my favorite things about watching sparring is seeing other people's fighting styles. We have one really, really tall guy who reminds me of a crane and has such long legs that he can take your head off without blinking an eye...and unfortunately, he's a little short on control, so he is likely to make you see stars. I try not to spar him. I like my head where it is, thank you very much. The Elder Mr. R. comes out looking like an airplane, kind of hunched over with his hands low and out to his sides. The Younger Mr. R. taunts you with one hand and socks you with the other when you're distracted. Mr. S. is a grabber, locking onto your wrist with one hand and scoring points when you can't retreat. (He's also likely to step on your boot so you can't back up, which is perfetly legal!)
Me, I'm a mid-section puncher. I'm leery to aim for the head, simply because I worry that I don't have enough control yet to not hit you in the eye. (Sorry, Margie! It was a total accident!) Plus, many of the guys are enough taller than me that I really leave myself open for a punch to the ribs as I'm straining to reach their head. And while I try to kick, I'm still working on height in that area so I'm more likely to hit you in the knee rather than an actual scoring area. But, I'm getting better! And I enjoy it, even while getting pummeled by the church leadership.

Oh, and I actually received my belt last week! Yay!


Shari said...

Lol, that sounds like fun. It is amazing what you can learn by carefully watching.

Glad you got your new belt. :D

Flea said...

YAY for the belt! Are you allowed to hit below he belt? You know what I mean... :) Or would that be like a foul in basketball? How many fouls are you allowed? We were allowed 3 each in basketball. I'd always try and use my wisely, for the most effect, and use them all up by the end of the game. Full contact. It was gooooooood.

If you aim a little low you won't be hitting them in the eye. And maybe you should show up to church on Sunday with a smudge of eyeliner under your eye to look like a shiner. Is it unbiblical to make someone feel bad for hitting you in the eye? It probably is. :( I'd ask Troy first, just to make sure. No, I'd probably just do it and ask later.

Maybe you can get one of those cool helmets that fencers wear. You know, the ones that make you look like Firefly in Batman. Then no one could get to your eyes.

I've had caffeine and sugar this evening. Sorry.

Bobbi said...

I wish I were you. My kids are doing karate and I want to do it myself, but I'm too shy/embarassed or whatever you want to call it. How did you get the motivation to start??