Monday, August 20, 2007

Digging Under the Sofa and Other Nonsense

Hey, did you know that I have magic powers?
Yeah, I totally do. It's amazing.
Troy lost the electronic pen to his fancy-schmancy convertible laptop computer and, after several weeks of "looking" for it, he caved in and ordered a new one from the tune of $50!
So, tonight he says to me, "Hey, where is my pen?" (the new one, mind you). The search is on! Well, lo and behold, I turn the loveseat on its back, reach up in the bottom of it - which is already slit open because of the myriad of times we've lost things down the crack - and wrap my little fingers around an electronic pen from a fancy-schmancy convertible laptop computer.
Only, when I pulled it out, it didn't have the little piece of yarn that he had tied on the end of it.
Which means?
Yeah, you guessed it...I had just found the other lost pen. *sigh*
So either I have magic powers, or my wallet does!

On another note, we started school today. The funniest thing was that when Troy got home from work, Reilly said, "Hey, Papa, we got to have breakfast this morning because it was the first day of school!"
Huh? I feed her breakfast EVERY day!


Flea said...

C'mon - everybody knows you starve your kids in the summer. :) Actually, mine have usually fended for themselves, but since school started I've been making pancakes, or toast and eggs.

Karin said...

You know you have reached the epitome of motherhood when you can put your hands on anything that anyone is looking for, at anytime!