Monday, June 11, 2007

Question: How Does a 4-Year-Old Keeps a Secret?

We have a tradition in our family of painting pottery for Papa for Father's Day. It dates back to pre-Reilly, when I went on her due date (June 9th, 2000) and painted a mug for Troy for Father's Day since she was going to be here by then and it was his first Father's Day and all. She was actually born ON Father's Day and while you're all going "Awwwww, how neat! Troy's first baby was born on Father's Day!" let me point out to you that her DUE DATE was June 9th and Father's Day that year fell on June 18th.
I'll give you a minute to do the math....

Yes, she was nine days late!!

But I digress.....

So, every year since then, we have gone to Purple Glaze to paint something for Father's Day for Papa. Today was the day that we did that and I made a point of telling Declan that we weren't going to tell Papa what we did today because it was a surprise. A SURPRISE!

Troy get's home from work, Reilly and I are in the kitchen, Troy and Deco are in the livingroom and I'm on the phone and I hear Reilly start saying, "No! Declan! Don't!" When I asked her what he was doing, she told me that he was telling Papa what we did today.
"Wait, Declan!" I say. "Don't say anything! Remember?"
Declan replies, "It's okay! I didn't tell him about the bowl!"

*insert forhead smack here*

Poor little guy! He was so upset when he realized that he had given away the surprise that it took about 15 minutes for him to stop crying!

So the answer to the question of how does a 4-year-old keep a secret? Ummm, well, he doesn't. (Unless you use duct tape, I suppose!)


Anonymous said...

That's just like my DS! I used to let him wrap the presents for the grandparents and things, but he would always tell them what it was before they opened it! We've gotten to the point now where we don't tell him what it is and he and grandpa (or whoever) can open it together!
~Retrocutie from JM

Flea said...

Nine days isn't very long compared to nine months, Lisa. :) And she's such a little thing! How bad could it be?

mamaduk said...

Awww, poor kid.

Ani was 7 days late, Cameron was 5 days late, and Fritz was 10 days late. At the time I sure wasn't happy about it lol