Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Luggage and Clothes and Shoes...Oh my

I may have mentioned this...oh...50 bazillion times or so...but I'm getting ready to go to Houston for a wedding. My mom and I leave at the B.C. of D.* on Friday morning and I'm in the process of figuring out what in the heck I'm going to carry all of my clothing in.
"All of your clothing?" you say. "Lisa, you're going for a weekend. You'll be back on Sunday."

Oh, but mon cherie, zere ees SO mosch to conseeder ven packeeng for a packed veekend!

We've got the rehearsal dinner on Friday - which is coat and tie. (For the men, obviously. I mean, I guess I could show up in a coat and tie, but that might be just as embarassing as asking the MOB if she needs to go potty before we leave for the reception. See post below.) Now, I have mercifully been able to refrain from buying a new outfit for this soiree', but I've gone through a list of my current clothing at least 927 times, trying to figure out which outfit would be perfect. And I settled on one. (I'll spare you the description!) But I'm going to probably take the other outfit...just in case I change my mind. So, that's one outfit + one pair of shoes.

Then there's the "casual-not-sure-what-we're-going-to-be-doing-but-I-want-to-look-decent-and-not-like-the-total-slob-I-am-in-real-life" outfit that I need for Saturday afternoon. I'm thinking jean capris and some type of shirt. (All of Houston just wiped their brow in relief. "Thank God, she's going to wear a shirt!") So, one more outfit + one more pair of shoes. This outfit can be copied and pasted into Sunday morning for the wait before the ride to the airport. I promise I'll wear a different shirt, though, butI won't have to have a separate pair of shoes. (Oh, and don't forget that I have to obsess about what to wear to Houston on Friday.)

Then there's the Wedding Outfit, which is fabulous, but does require a whole 'nother pair of shoes, plus a different purse and jewelry. *sigh*

So, thus far we're up to five outfits (counting Friday morning), three pair of shoes, two purses, and extra jewelry. Add in the extra shirts and pants that I'll have to pack just in case I spill something on what I'm wearing (which, if you know me, is a very real possibility!), plus toiletries and hair dryer and their wedding present and I think I'm gonna have to take The Purple Behemoth!

The Purple Behemoth is a HUGE purple suitcase which could probably fit both of my children comfortably. It stands three feet high when it's on end and is COMPLETE overkill for a weekend excursion, but the suitcase I borrowed from my friend Myra isn't quite big enough. I would have had to fold up all my clothes into miniscule wads and iron all of them before I wore them. Oh well, Ched had a good point. I can lay all the clothes flat and minimize wrinklage!

So, tomorrow all I have to do is finish washing everything I'm going to wear. And pack it. And obsess a little more about taking the perfect thing. And hopefully get a haircut. (Oh, I hope my regular haircut girl works tomorrow! I didn't even think about that until right now! Yikes!) And go to karate. I sure wish I had time for a pedicure.

I'm so excited!!

* B.C. of D. - Butt-crack of Dawn. Sorry, I know, it's a little crude for me but it's a term my cousin and I started using when I was young and carefree and it's stuck.

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Mrs. Guthrie said...

Got a good laugh out of this.... I pack that way and my hubby just doesn't get it... I'll have to point him over here when he gets home from work just so he'll see I'm not the only one. :)

Love the song, too.