Saturday, April 07, 2007

IIIII'm Dreaming of a Whiiiiite Easterrrr

I used to swear, every summer, that I wanted to move north. Far north. Like, Canada north. I'm just not a hot weather girl and I figure that in cold weather I can add layers, while in hot weather, I can only take off so much clothing before the people around me want to poke out their eyes with hot skewers.
Well, this winter changed my whole outlook on location. After getting 18 inches of snow two weeks before Christmas and then 3 inches of solid ice at the beginning of January and then MORE snow after that, my midwestern roots were solidly confirmed and I realized that I am, in fact, a complete weenie when it comes to winter precipitation. I like one good snow a year, thank you very much.
Then, aaaaahhhhh, Spring began to arrive. Trees bloomed. Birds chirped. Flowers blossomed. The air was filled with that unmistakable sound of lawnmowers and weedeaters. Allergies returned with a vengance and a loan was taken out to finance all the Claritin we would need for the coming months. Visions of flip flops, capris and shorts filled my head. The Kids began to really play outside again and Reilly was starting to learn to ride her bike without training wheels!
And then....well, everyone knows the end of the story, because it's a nationwide epidemic! My friend Sherri is talking about it over at Our Place, Chris is talking about it at Notes from the Trenches, we're whining about it over at JustMommies, Heather over at Camien Academy got to have snow on her's EVERYWHERE!
We all get to have Easter egg hunts in our winter coats! Our gas bills are going to be crazy high and our bedding plants are freezing! (OK, well, other people's bedding plaants are freezing. I don't personally plant anything because it would die anyway.) It's craziness, I tell you!

But, hey, in the summer, when I start whining about how hot it is and how I can't breathe outside and how miserable I am, slap me, ok?


Flea said...

I will be the first one to slap you. :) I LIKED this cold, unpredictable Easter! The kids still played outside and didn't get so hot they had to come right back in! It was AWESOME!!!
Of course, I'm new here ...

Lisa said...

Oklahoma weather is a teaser, that's for sure! Juuuuuust when you think you've got it figured out, BLAM! It changes on you!