Thursday, March 22, 2007

Whyne? [sic]

*Note: I just found out what [sic] means and I'm so excited that I got to use it!*

I wrote this in a thread at and thought that I'd share it here. Why? Well, I don't know...because it is a pretty good descriptor of what was happening at the time? It makes me smile? Because I wanna? Because I can?
(Note: things in blue were not in the original post. Because that matters to me, for some reason, that you should know that I added those things in later!)

"I love my kids, but why in the world do they feel the need to sit and stare at me when I'm on the computer. Why do they get so bored? They have tons of toys, they have a backyard to play in, they have good imaginations, they have each other to play with, and all they can think of to do is sit here and ask me questions every 5 seconds.
Child #1: "Mommy, can we have a piece of taffy?"
Child #1: "Just one?"
*five seconds goes by*
Child #1:"Mommy, do we still have any Smarties?"
*leads to discussion about how when I say no taffy, that means no candy period, so don't ask me about a different kind of candy* (I swear, with as much as The Kids ask for candy, you'd think that's all we ever let them eat. Well, it's not. We balance their diet out with preservative-laden lunch meat and Pop Tarts!)
Child # 2: "Mama, can I have a snack?"
*mom wonders if children actually digest food or if it just drops through a trap door in their stomach* (Or maybe they're just throwing it over their shoulder and the dogs are eating it)
Child #1: "Mama, can I play that game on your computer where you have to blah blah blah blah...." (At this point I think she sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher. Hey, I've got PMS, what can I say?)
*children sit in silence, staring at mom for about 5 seconds*
Mom: "OK, guys, go and play."
Child #1: "Uuuuuuhhhhh, I'm waiting to aaaasssk you a queesstionnnnn!"
Child #2: "C'mon, Weilly, let's go play!" (That's my sunny boy!)
Child #1: "Uuuuuhhhhhhhh....."
Mom: "If the question has anything to do about playing on my computer or watching anything on TV, that's already been answered."
Child #2: "But it's about schooooolllllll!" (Because that will make it aaaallll better!)
Mom: "Does it involve the computer?"
*child nods*
*Mom considers locking herself in the bathroom to get 5 minutes to herself, but abandons idea when she realizes that they're smart and would figure out where she is....and then would proceed to knock on the door incessantly*

Get the picture? *sigh* Then I feel guilty at the end of the day because I'm so blessed to be here with them and not have to go to work and sometimes I take it for granted but then I have moments like this when I think I'd give my right arm for some guilt-free time alone. And I secretly find myself with a little kernel of envy of those moms whose kids go off for 6 hours a day...."

Things are better now. I'm not feeling guilty, as I normally would, mainly because aside from that little incident, we had a good day today. And, as always, when The Kids are sleeping, I'm brought back to how much I really do like being here with them. Even if it means that I can't have as much "me" time. Oh well, sanity is overrated anyway!

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Flea said...

I remember those days! They pass way too fast. Mine still drive me crazy, but not quite the same way. Man, I sound old. Now they ask, "Mom, can I have an iPod?" "Mom, can I have a cell phone?" The answer's still no. :)