Thursday, March 29, 2007

Random Ramblings

~ Declan was getting on the kids scale that we have in the bathroom and he said "I want to see how much my feet weigh."

~ My kids are at the age where they cannot imagine that they will ever waht to leave this house and live anywhere else. I remember being at that age and having a conversation with my mom about how one day I'd get married and move to another place with my husband. I remember thinking, "Nuh UH, not me. SOME people may want to do that when they get older, but I won't. I never want to live with someone other than my mom and dad!" I couldn't fathom the idea.
Obviously I grew out of it!
But I want to hold onto this sweet time when my kids think I hung the moon, when they think I'm the coolest person to be around.

~ Yesterday I flossed my teeth too hard and they got all swollen and painful and I had to take a Tylenol. Tonight at karate I went into the bathroom (which was closed, but I was taking a shortcut) and I slipped on the water, flew up into the air, landed FLAT on my back, clonked my head on the floor and nearly knocked myself unconscious. I think I'm dangerous to my own health.

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Flea said...

Good thing you took Tylenol. :) How are your head and back? Solid bruise?