Monday, March 26, 2007

Giving it a Try

Well, I'm trying a whole new thing. My friend Flea over at The Good Flea told me how to make text into a hyperlink and I'm checking to see if it worked. So, if she's telling me the truth (and I think she is...she seems like a truthful person!), you should be able to click on The Good Flea and be instantaneously transported through cyberspace to her blog.
So, go on.
I'll wait.
(Just don't forget to come back here 'k?)
*sits, drumming fingers on keys while elevator music plays in the background*
Did it work?

On another note....

A Weekend Conversation:

"Mom, I found a blit!" says Declan, coming into the kitchen and handing me a cup while I'm doing dishes.
"A what?" I reply.
"A blit!"
I realize that he's referring to me asking them to "do a blitz" when I'm doing the dishes and go through the house and bering me all the stray dishes - a.k.a. blits!


Flea said...

It works! Yay!

Flea said...

It was s much fun having y'all for lunch! Thanks for coming by! Next time bring your cat. :)