Friday, February 23, 2007


I think that more than any day of the week I love Fridays! I'm one that loves anticipation, so I look forward aaallll day long to Ched getting home from work so we can start the weekend, even if we don't have anything planned for the weekend.
Today is such a great day - the windows are open and the air smells like spring. The Kids have actually gotten to play outside EVERY DAY this week, although today you would have thought I was torturing them by telling them that they had to go outside. I think it wasn't so much that they didn't want to go outside as they just weren't too particularly keen on actually doing what I said. OK, well, when I say 'they' I mean 'Reilly'. Declan responded with "I LOVE OUTSIDE!!" and bounded down the steps. He's for sure my "glass half full" guy!
I called the Discover card company today and, honestly, I wanted to reach through the phone and pinch the head off of the little customer service guy on the other end. Or at least pull out some of his eyebrow hairs. I had some questions about the account which he could not answer because I'm not the "primary" on the account. Now, mind you, they know I exist because I'm a "secondary" on the account (or something like that), but it's in Troy's name. I can understand how, in this day and age of identity theft running rampant, they have to be cautious, but GOOD GRIEF! He literally could not answer ONE SINGLE QUESTION without Troy here to "verify" that it's ok for me to have access to this highly classified information. I said to the man, very nicely I might add, because I realize that he's just Joe Schmoe off the street who has been hired as a customer service rep, that Discover is MORE than willing for ME to go and use the card all over the place, but heaven forbid they answer my questions about our interest rate. Sheesh...big companies infuriate me.
Enough ranting for today! It's too nice for all of that!! It's FRIDAY after all!


Sherri said...

It's been nice here too. A couple of days ago our temps were in the 80's! I have had the windows open some....wanted to turn the air on a couple of times.
Madison and Carter stayed outside all day. I was still not feeling well, so we didn't do much school stuff today.
I forget about this blog...I'll have to check in here more often.

Flea said...

Psh! I understand about the Discover ... we just mailed a signed form to our mortgage company giving me permission to call and ask questions. It's like some kind of game for them, I think.
On the flip side, the weather has been beautiful here too. :) Sherri, where are from that you have 80 degree weather at the end of February?