Monday, January 29, 2007

I Hate Paying Bills

I do.
I hate the act of sitting down with the checkbook and my laptop and my bills and logging into my bank to see how much Ched's deposit gives me a stomachache. Add to that the fact that if I don't pay bills on Friday when he gets paid, I usually go into the weekend as though we have money to spend!
Woo hoo, let's go out to eat tonight! And tonight! Woo hoo! Party on!
And then Monday comes and I sit down to pay the bills and get a big shock when I realize that Ched's deposit is...oh....about $200 less than I thought it would be. Bummer.
But even as I sit here complaining, wondering how things are going to get paid...blah blah blah....I'm struck by how futile my complaining is. It's my own fault for being lazy on Friday and not paying the bills.
And who's listening, anyway?
I need a hug.

Note: September 9, 2008 - It's interesting to me that I wrote this post so long ago and I'm now moving it to my new "Debt is Normal, Be Weird!" catagory because of us taking control of our finances!!


Flea Christenson said...

I'll give you a big hug! No, I'm not some creep in cyber space. I'm Flea, from your Beth Moore group. :) And I understand COMPLETELY. I don't think I'll get a grip on this bill paying till the other side of heaven. And then I'll just pry up the pavement to pay my bills.

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness....I'm so glad someone else does that with the eggs in the carton. And you really won't believe this, but when I do a bible study from the kind of big book we're using in the Beth Moore study, I usually slice out the pages with a razor knife-didn't know Kinko's could do that for me, so glad I know that now. Yes, I "slice" them out and hole punch them for a notebook and then all is well. I think I might visit Kinko's today, or wait and see how your's looks first. I bet if we had a little "sit-down", we'd find out we have more in common than these things. Oh yeah, I was a SAHM and homeschooler. I don't do our bill-paying, though, for excellent reasons. Years ago, I made a huge mistake, something about recording a big deposit twice....boy, did we have fun on that extra money! Consider this a big hug ((((((((((LISA))))))))))!!!!!! See ya in the book of DANIEL....Teresa Miller (baby Morgan's mema)