Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What a Funny Feeling!

It's weird.
I'm stranded at home.
Not in a bad way, unless you count having to have our car fixed for some random rattling noise that they probably won't be able to duplicate so they won't be able to fix it a bad way. Well, I guess that is a bad way, but it doesn't bother me. I've resigned myself to fixing the car every few months until we pay it off, at which point it will probably die for good and we'll have to get a new one. But I digress.
I was talking about being stranded at home.
It's a funny feeling to NOT be able to go anywhere, even if the places that I might want to go aren't necessary for today. I'd like to go to Hobby Lobby and get a new doll stand for Bear's doll, Sarah. I'd like to go to Toys R Us and see if they have any travel games for the road to Ohio. I'd like to go to the mall and see if I can find a stylish, light, denim jacket to wear when we're in Ohio. There are a hundred things that I'd like to do, none of which are pressing things that HAVE to be done today, and yet, somehow, they increase in importance merely because I CAN'T go and do them. Yesterday, when I had the car and could've gone on all these errands, I didn't want to - it's a classic case of the grass being greener on the other side!
So, I'll do all the things that I need to do around here - clean the bathroom (YUK!), do laundry, dust, things like that.
But the whole time, I'm going to have this feeling like
I'm missing something because I can't get out in the car!

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