Monday, October 02, 2006

Ummmm....hello, Fall?

*scratches head in wonder*
It's 92 degrees outside...yes, you heard me right - 92 EXTREMELY HOT AND YUCKY DEGREES!! We had a few days last week and the week before that were fan-tan-tastic fall weather - cool and brisk in the morning, warming up to the low 70's - but then Summer decided to creep back in. If I had a bat, I'd beat Summer back into oblivion because I'm READY FOR FALL!! *sigh*
On another note....well, I guess there's not really another note. I'm just going to sit here and sweat and whine. So, if you're reading this, SEND FALL MY WAY!!

1 comment:

Sherri said...

I'd send it if I had it, but here in Louisiana, we are lucky to ever get it :(. It's 71 here...not so bad, but will heat up to the 90's before the day is over. I was mad when it warmed back up!!!