Friday, August 18, 2006


Shhhhh.....can you hear it?
Listen very closely from wherever you are and I think you can....
That very faint sound that you hear?
The one that sounds like a crazy woman
cheering her head off?
That's me.
Cheering my head off.
Today, after almost a year and a half, I have nothing to edit for a paying customer. Just a half an hour ago, I delivered the copies of the dance recital that we shot back in June to the dance studio owner.
I have no "next project" waiting on the shelf.
I have no contract to shoot anything.
I am free.
You see, up until this point, I have had no guilt-free free time. While I may not have literally beed editing in every moment of time that wasn't taken up with school, cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. etc. etc., there was always something that I could have been editing. Each time I would lie down to take a nap, or sit to watch Dr. Phil, or go to bed early with my family, editing was always hanging over my head because there was always something that could be being worked on.
But not anymore.
Do you hear the cheering?
That's me.
I'm free.
Now, the fun starts! Back in March, I went to Atlanta to my cousin's wedding and I took my camera and shot a little bit of her getting ready with her sisters, as well as lots of things as my mom and I toured Atlanta. Now I get to work on that! Yippee!
On a side note, today is my birthday.
*stands, looking humble, waiting for the chorus of "Happy Birthday" to end*
Unlike a lot of women who get to my age (31, if you'd like to know), I LOVE my birthday! I'm just like a little kid! If I didn't think it would cost a bunch of money, I'd go out and buy Hello Kitty party plates and napkins and decorate the house with streamers!
"Happy Birthday, dear Liiiiisaaaaa,
Happy birthday to meeeee!"

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