Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Other Lisa's New Baby

I'm so excited! My friend Lisa, who I used to work with, and her husband had their 3rd child last night! The thing that is so great about this is that I got to be there as their "official photographer", which I have been honored to do with her other two children as well! It was so AWESOME!! *sigh*
She called my cell phone at about 1:45 and said that she had been to her Dr.'s appointment and was dilated to a 5 (!), so they were sending her over to the hospital (of course!). I knew that Ched wasn't going to be home until late, so I told Lisa that I'd call my mom and ask her come to watch The Kids as soon as she got off work at 3:15. But when I called Mom's work, they said that she wasn't in...weird! I called my mom's house and she had just gotten home from a class that she has to take for work. The REALLY funny thing about that was that she didn't find out that she was GOING to the class until 9:30 the night before, and, as a result of GOING to the class, she was off EARLY so I could take The Kids right over there instead of waiting until almost 4:00!!! God is SO GOOD!
So, I dropped The Kids off at my mom's and headed off to the hospital! Her hubby had to go to their house and get some things, so I hung out with Lisa and we chatted and laughed - obviously her epidural was working well! She said to me at one point, "We haven't gotten to hang out like this for a long time!" Ethan was born at 7:53 and he's so BEAUTIFUL!! I got great pictures and was able to get some really good video after he was born of Lisa's other two kids meeting him and things like eyes are going to tear up just thinking about it!

It was funny, really, because after I dropped off The Kids, I was rushing around, getting batteries for my camera and things like that, thinking, "I NEED TO HURRY! I'm going to MISS IT!" and then it occured to me that God wasn't going to orchestrate this the way He did with Mom being off work just so that I could miss the birth! Plus, I found out when I got to the hospital, Lisa's friend Halee was flying in from Houston so that she could be there, so Ethan had to hold off til SHE got there as well!

One other thing...Lisa and her husband had been told, long before the birth of their first child, that they would never be able to have kids without some sort of "medical intervention". In fact, they went through IVF before their first was born, but miscarried that baby. Then, along came Noah...then, 19 months later, Amaya was born...and now, almost 4 years later, Ethan is born. Like I said, God is SO GOOD!!!

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