Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Mother's Day

This past weekend, my mom, The Kids and I were all in St. Louis to see my brother graduate from college and to celebrate this accomplishment with him. (Yay! I'm so proud of him!) Bear had conspired with Ched to have my Mother's Day presents tucked away in her suitcase, and she was very diligent in making sure that SHE took them out and tucked them behind the T.V. in the hotel room, so that they would be a surprise. This is AFTER she said to me, on Wednesday before we left, "Oh no! I haven't gone with Papa to get your charm!" I made an, "Oh no! You gave away the surprise!" face, to which she responded, "Well, I didn't tell you which ONE!"

She and I were sharing a bed in the hotel, and on Sunday morning she rolled over and said to me, "Is it morning yet?"
"Yes." I replied.
"Happy Mother's Day!" she says, excitedly, while giving me a huge hug. Then she wanted to IMMEDIATELY give me The Presents, and was only slightly disappointed that I made her wait until Deco got up. Once he was up, there was lots of whispered coaching on the other side of the hotel room:
"OK, take this, put it behind your back...here's your card...now, can you say 'Happy Mother's Day'...can you say it? OK, let's go...no, put it behind your back...ok, here we go...no, Deco, put the card behind your back...ok, let's go..."
"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!" they chime, in perfect unison, each presenting me with a wrapped James Avery box and a card that they had made. Deco had "chosen" (with help from his sister and his Papa) a chili pepper charm for my bracelet and had drawn on the outside of his card (in perfect 3-year-old abstract) a "shaak" (read: "shark"). Bear had chosen (with no help at all!) a flip flop charm for my bracelet ("I knew this was right in your alley!" she says.) and had written in her perfect almost-six-year-old handwriting, "Happy Mother's Day! I love you, Momma!" on her card. It was a perfect beginning to my day and was made only more perfect, in The Kids eyes, when their Nani K. got them a Twinkie from the vending machine for breakfast! (She had been threatening this for 3 days and I finally figured, hey, why not?)

We went to pick up my brother and headed off the Laumeier Sculpture Park, where there was an art show going on, and where the rain mercifully held off until we were leaving. We had lunch at a great buffet, hugged Uncle E's neck, and headed out of town. And then, 20 minutes later...we headed back to Uncle E's house to get the video camera that I'd left there...then, we headed BACK out of town...and then we hit The Traffic....where we took an hour and a half to go 10 miles...then, 10 hours after the first time we left Uncle E's house, we arrived home! Once I was home, I found a sculpture that my fantastic husband had started for me as my Mother's Day gift. I am unmeasurably blessed by my husband and my kids, both of whom make me a happy mother!

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