Friday, April 28, 2006

Our "Intercom" System

Well, we don't ever need to install an intercom system in our house! The Kids have figured out that if they each talk (or, actually, they prefer to shout!) into the floor vents in their rooms that they can hear each other. They now think that this is the MOST FUN GAME EVER! Deco said to me yesterday, "I'm gonna go see if my voice is still in the vent!" What's even funnier, albeit sometimes more annoying than funny, is that they can actually be heard all through the house. And since they're both trying to talk over one another, the conversations often end up sounding like this,
Bear: "Hellooo, are you there? I'm Bear!"
Deco, having just finished saying something of his own, "What?"
Bear, having just finished talking herself: "I'm Bear!"
Deco, again having just finished saying something of his own: "Are you there?"
Bear: "YES! I'm HERE!"
Deco, once again having just finished talking over her: "WHAT DID YOU SAY?"
And this goes on and on, usually getting louder and louder, and dissolving into fits of laughter. It's like a kids version of "Who's On First"!

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