Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lazy Saturday Morning...

Ahhh, here I am, quietly sipping coffee in my jammies, relishing in not having anything to do right now. Well, that's kind of a lie, because there's ALWAYS something I COULD be doing....but, I was thinking that one of the things that I love about Saturday morning is the complete lack of schedule. Nobody's rushed, only two of us are even out of their jammies, The Kids ate breakfast in front of the T.V., which is a big deal to them 'cuz we rarely eat in the livingroom. Ched is off meeting with a friend of ours from church - they have a standing "guys" meeting at Panera on Saturday mornings. Deco is dressed because he's going to "help" Ched and our across-the-street neighbor put up a new fence along the back of their house. There was a creepy incident last weekend with the neighbor that lives behind them that led all of us to believe that it would be better if the guy couldn't see the kids playing in the backyard. Later, Ched and I are going to shoot a wedding, but that's not until 6:30, so for right now, we're just having a lazy day!

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